MMPI Investment Report

MMPI Investment ReportThe essence of the MMPI Escalator Series of investments is to provide very reasonable capital security in the first instance and, thereafter, a realistic chance of beating the returns from deposit accounts. All product maturities, to-date, have returned 100% plus very decent growth in most instances. In Q3 2017, the MMPI Escalator Plan Series 34 paid out a handsome 9.00% after just 9 months on the out-performance of Bayer AG, Vodafone plc and Wells Fargo Bank.

Just 4 products out of a total of 36 maturities have returned less than 100% of the initial capital invested and these were pre-determined downsides at 90% – 95% of the initial capital invested.

In Q4 2017 there are 11 MMPI products with observation dates – 5 tracking indices and 6 tracking baskets of shares. Already we’ve had one early pay-out with the MMPI Escalator Plan Series 33A returning 5.60% after just 12 months. This represents a really healthy growth over deposit returns. Series 33A provided 100% capital security once the EuroStoxx 50 index did not fall by 40% during the year. In fact, it did not fall at all.

The potential pay-outs from the other 10 products in Q4 2017 range from 6.60% after 12 months to 53.50% after 30 months. We will not tempt fate but we are very confident of several more early maturities before year end.

The MMPI Escalator Series of investments is not for everybody. But the investments do represent an excellent opportunity to beat deposit returns. There is an additional risk associated with the Escalator Series and this needs to be adequately borne in mind and understood.

On a risk scale of 1-7 MMPI assesses bank deposit accounts as a 2. Most of the Escalator accounts score 4. As always we recommend that potential investors should read the product brochure where a full list of WARNINGS is provided.      Specific professional advice, offered by MMPI in private consultation, should always be sought in relation to individual circumstances.

We are chuffed to see that the international bank Investec has chosen to use MMPI’s investment model and to adopt the Escalator brand for its latest investment products. Imitation is truly a great compliment. Oscar Wilde reckoned imitation was the sincerest form of flattery. MMPI prefers the following anonymous remarks – “True success breeds various forms of flattering imitation but the imitators by their very nature are already 5 steps behind.”

MMPI’s latest products are the Escalator Series 41 and 42. Both carry a risk score of 4 on our 1-7 risk scale. Series 41 offers a potential return of 12.40% if a basket of 3 shares is above 95% of its starting level in 12 months’ time. The initial capital is fully 100% secure provided any one share remains above its initial level.

Series 42 offers 5.3% after 12 months on the performance of the EuroStoxx 50 index and capital security is 100% once the index doesn’t fall by 40%. The product brochures are available for download at


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