MMPI Investment Report 2021 H1

Another very exciting year so far for MMPI’s investment products – this time with 8 maturities posting positive returns. These represent extremely attractive pay-outs given that deposit rates are close to zero (soon to be minus) and government bonds are producing negative returns.

The MMPI Escalator Plan Series 43A produced an excellent gross return of +114.00% after 3.5 years; while Series 43B returned a whopping +124.50%. These are stunning rewards for products carrying a risk level of 4 on the 1-7 risk scale. In both cases 100% capital was assured provided the investment was not down by more than -50% at maturity. One of the underlying shares (BMW) faltered a little at first but it came bouncing back.

There were more happy investors in Series 45B (+115.90%), which matured after 36 months – and the following products, which all kicked-out after 12 months; Series 65B (+107.31%); Series 64A (+105.40%); Series 63A (+104.94%); Series 65A (+104.02%); Series 66 (+104.02%). The average kick-out term for all MMPI products is 23 months.

It remains the case that just 7 of MMPI’s investment products out of a total of 96 maturities in its Escalator and Protector series, stretching back over 11 years, have returned less than 100% of the initial capital invested. This is impressive.

MMPI recognises that capital security is very important for most retail investors. In all of the cases cited above, the capital protection was provided by BNP Paribas, one of Europe’s most capitalised banks. BNP currently has a top-quality credit grade and a stable rating – well ahead of Irish and UK banks.

MMPI realises that the Escalator suite of products is not suitable for everybody. However, the investments do potentially represent a wonderful opportunity to beat deposit returns. There are additional investment risks associated with the Escalator products and these need to be borne in mind and understood.

As always, MMPI recommends that potential investors read the Key Information Documents and the Product Brochures where a full list of WARNINGS is provided. Specific professional advice, offered by MMPI in private consultation, should always be sought in relation to individual circumstances.

MMPI will continue to take soundings from investors as to their investment preferences. To-date investors have been most concerned about receiving a decent return in such a low interest-rate environment. Many have come to the realisation that deposit rates are not keeping pace with inflation; and will fall further behind in the coming years.

Investors are also anxious about access to funds in case of emergency or where personal circumstances take an unexpected turn. Investments in the MMPI Escalator Series carry a nominal 5-year term but each investment contains daily liquidity. This means that funds may be redeemed at any time during the term. Some early redemptions may mean that investors will not get back all of the money invested but there are plenty of examples where redeeming investors receive back 100% of their initial investment plus additional positive growth.

Should you require further details on any aspect of the MMPI Escalator suite of products, please call the office on (01) 66 88 322 or e-mail Full details are also available on our website at:-

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