Investment Products

MMPI has launched two new exciting investment products that will remain open for investment until early December. They are part of the Escalator suite of investments that MMPI has nurtured over the past few years. The latest versions are the MMPI Escalator Plan Series 26 (that has an Option A & B) and the standalone Series 27. Both have maximum investment terms of 5 years with the potential to mature earlier.

The MMPI Escalator Plan Series 27 traces a familiar path. It will follow the performance of the EuroStoxx50 index and promises a potential return of 8% after 12 months if the index rises above its initial level. The risk/reward ratio is attractive to many consumers who are completely disenchanted with deposits. On its 7-point risk scale MMPI measures Series 27 between 4 and 4.5. Consumers are learning that bank deposits (at 2 on the risk scale) offer poor potential returns that are unlikely to improve in the next several years. Moving the pointer to level 4 on the risk scale with a potential return is attractive to many.

The MMPI Escalator Plan Series 26 comes in at 5 on the risk scale but with higher potential returns. It is tracking the performance of 4 international shares and promises a prospective return of 6.75% (Option A) and 14.0% (Option B) after 6 months. The difference in the returns is explained by a piece of ingenious innovation.

First of all, both investment products will track the fortunes of Munich Re; Johnson & Johnson; Telefonica and Siemens. Option B pays out after 6 months if the prices of the 4 shares are higher than their initial level. But the modification in Option A allows for the prices to fall!! Here the pay-out is assured where the 4 shares are higher than 90% of their initial prices. Option A is a winner even if the shares fall in value by 10%!!

Risk levels 4 and 5 will not suit everyone but if your attitude to risk is backed up by your responses to the MMPI Risk Questionnaire then it may prove opportune for you to invest a portion of your money in Series 26 and Series 27. MMPI normally adopts the attitude that if you score below 4 on the Risk Questionnaire then we will direct you to a more suitable corresponding product at a lower risk level – even though risk attitudes are complex and are subject to change. A conservative risk taker will have a very different risk attitude after receiving a windfall profit!

MMPI considers that its latest investment products options’ offer investors an investment opportunity that provides potential enhanced returns within risk-reduced parameters. MMPI believes in both products but, as always, we strongly urge you to read the product brochure before choosing to invest.

The details of the investment opportunities are spelled out in simple terms in the product brochure. The brochure also includes the appropriate warnings highlighting the investment product risks.


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