Investor Behaviour & Discipline

“Investment Decision making is invariably an emotional process. Learning to master one’s emotions is a valuable exercise when it comes to investing”.

Our role at MMPI is to use our experience of investor behaviour to coach our clients in achieving better results than they would without a professional advisor. Referred to as the behavioural gap. Investors often make choices that impair their returns and jeopardise their ability to fund their long term objectives.  The MMPI approach is to encourage restraint and have a formal written Investment Policy Statement setting out what the client is trying to achieve and the agreed strategy. An Investment Policy Statement helps clients commit to a disciplined investment plan so that their investment decision is less likely to be swayed by emotion. We draft an individual Investment policy statement for each client.

Disciplined Approach

What you can control

  • Costs
  • Diversification
  • Minimisation of taxes
  • Discipline

What you can’t control

  • Picking winning stocks
  • Picking superior investments
  • Market movements
  • Financial press and noise
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