Health Checks

Looking after the upkeep of a bicycle might reasonably require an occasional wash, a test cycle and a short examination of the functioning parts – while checking out the health of a car probably needs a mechanic to take a look. Looking after your personal health entails all of these checks and a bit more!

The health of a bicycle is probably easily identifiable externally –the health of a car less so. But given that both are essential for going about our daily lives we take it for granted that we give them due care and attention. We moan when faced with a bill for repairs and maintenance but we know it makes sense.

Why is it then that we do not pay the same level of care to our own bodies and our own health? Some of us are good at following healthy eating plans or following energetic work-outs in the gym. But the vast majority of us would be better off if we went for occasional check-ups and took stock of lifestyle adjustments that are needed as we get older and/or suffer ill health. We seem to adopt the nonsensical habit of bringing the car for an annual service while ignoring ourselves!!

Some people are good at going to see their GP but only when necessary – while others (mostly men) don’t bother going at all despite tell-tale symptoms. MMPI likens the overall attitude to healthcare with people’s apathy towards pensions. People know that pensions and healthcare make sense but they put them on the long finger – until it’s too late. Imagine both as being a detailed examination and a sound piece of professional advice. Pensions are not for old people – they’re for people of all ages as a precaution for when they get old.

Similarly, healthcare is for everybody not just the old and infirm. There is nothing wrong with a healthy adult signing up for a personal health check. Think mandatory NCT on a perfectly good car! Passing the NCT provides certain assurances that your car is fully functioning and roadworthy. Wouldn’t it be great to have similar words of wisdom on your personal health and general wellbeing?

MMPI does not provide specific advice on medical conditions but it does see the consequences of poor healthcare on the insurance claims that it handles for its customers. We accept that some of these life events are inevitable but many are preventable if a little more care was taken at an earlier stage of life. Early detection of many ailments is key to providing a full recovery. While insurance is available to offer financial protection it is far better to provide for the health of yourself and your family by arranging routine health checks. Crikey you do it for your car!

There are various sorts of health screenings on offer, providing various levels of checks at a variety of prices. Beacon Hospital HealthCheck even provides same-day results. Do yourself a favour and arrange for a health check soon. Don’t put it off till you’re older.

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