Santa Claus

Santa Claus is sometimes noted as St. Nicholas, who was a monk in modern-day Turkey. He prayed to his God daily and recognised that he should give to the poor and the needy. His popularity spread far and wide and by the time of the Renaissance he was the most popular saint in Europe. He remained famous throughout famines, droughts, conflicts and pandemics. So, you see he really did exist and his legacy continues to this day.

Sadly, the current version of a plump man with a white beard and a red coat is not an accurate characterisation of Santa Claus. It is simply a commercial marketing invention. Why is it that bright colours are so popular in the marketing of commercial products and services? Santa does not need flashy colours or other gimmicks to achieve his goals. He relies on pure imagination. What a lesson for us all!

Unfortunately, Santa has been innocently embroiled in political correctness but he is a great survivor – another example to us all. Adult minds become old and weary and no longer appreciate excitement. A child’s mind is young and vibrant and eager for stimulation. If you are tempted to disbelieve consider the following sentiments to a new-born and have faith.

Dear Tomás,

One day soon you will almost certainly ask me the question, “Is Santa Claus real?” and I will definitely confirm that he is. I have to be careful that I tell you the truth and not concoct a fib. Santa Claus provides you with inspiration and awe. He is brilliant at it – much better than me; no matter how hard I try.

In fact, he is the best motivator I know and he has been doing it for longer than anybody else. When you go to school your teacher will try to stretch your ingenuity by prompting new ideas and sparking your inventiveness. Your teacher will never be better than Santa Claus.

I will try my best to be loving and caring. I will always be nearby to comfort you and encourage you. I will be there to support you and to correct you. But I will never do it better than Santa Claus.

When I was young Santa Claus was wonderful to me and I will never forget that. The imagery he evoked within me still remains. He taught me to think about the unattainable – to reach for those far-flung aspirations – to believe in the unimaginable – to accentuate the positive.

I realise you don’t understand these words now but please hold on to this letter and remind yourself in future years that Santa Claus is real, very real. Let him fill your heart with joy and delight always.

Love and kisses, Dad.

The moral is surely that despite the impacts of this dreadful virus we must all believe in better times ahead. The magic of Santa Claus can certainly help. At Christmas everybody is entitled to get Santamental. Three cheers for Santa from all in the MMPI Group!

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