MMPI Escalator Investment Series

This week saw the early maturity of 2 MMPI investment products; MMPI Kick—Out Bond 3 and MMPI Escalator Plan Series 31. Both took different routes to success; but as the saying goes “Success is often splendidly diverse!”

The MMPI Kick-Out Bond 3 started life on 10 January 2014 and had its first observation date in January 2016 where it narrowly failed to pay out a 20% return. This time it had no difficulty meeting its benchmark and returning a very handsome 30% after 3 years – that’s a compound annual rate (CAR) of 9.14%.

The MMPI Escalator Plan Series 31 was a much quicker experience – meeting its target after just 6 months and paying a compound annual return of 4.65%.

Both investments adopted a very deliberate strategy. In the first instance, both were created with a slightly higher risk profile than a traditional deposit account. Secondly, both carried potential rewards much higher than existing interest rates. Comfortable with the risk-reward payoff investors knew where they stood. Yes there was some exposure to capital loss – but there was also the possibility of higher returns.

MMPI accepts that it take all sorts to make a market. Some investors will always want to play it very safe and the suggestion of capital risk is intolerable. Other investors are willing to take much higher risks with their money in the hope of making their fortune. MMPI ploughs the middle ground.

MMPI believes that its investment products provide a comfortable proposition for investors who are tired of receiving close to zero interest on their deposits. On a risk-scale from 1-7 the MMPI Escalator Series scores 4. For those investors who liked the idea this week’s pay-out of 30% was very satisfying.

MMPI will continue to promote investments that straddle a “goldilocks” risk-reward (just about right) – safe in the knowledge that the strategy will not win every time; but the downside is limited and the upside potential is sweet.

MMPI Corporate Challenge

MMPI this week launches its first Corporate Challenge for 2017. It’s a test of your forecasting on the results of the matches in the RBS 6 Nations Rugby. The CHALLENGE is to spread the word about a bit of fun that will help support a worthy cause.

If you are interested, MMPI CHALLENGES YOU to create a team of 10 people and donate €20 per person to:

MMPI Corporate Challenge
AIB Donnybrook Village BIC: AIBKIE2D IBAN IE47 AIBK 9310 3921 0382 38

If you can’t manage to create a team of 10 people don’t worry smaller numbers will be acceptable but we’d like to maximise the charitable donations as much as possible.

MMPI CHALLENGES YOU to spread the word far and wide to generate a real international feel. We’ve already been promised entries from Ireland; England; Wales & Canada. What about the other rugby nations like France; Scotland; Italy; Australia; New Zealand; South Africa; Argentina, etc.

The Application Form and Rules are available on our homepage at

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