Measuring Success

Success is the achievement and accomplishment of goals and ambitions. Measuring success has always been open to wild interpretation and true measure is difficult.

We like Joshua Becker’s analysis best because we believe it gives everybody a chance to consider how one’sMeasuring Success 30.03.17 success might impact on others.

MMPI Group was voted best financial adviser in Dublin last week – on the face of it this is a great success. How does that make the losers feel?

MMPI had 6 kick-outs in Q1 in its Escalator investment series. That is surely a great success for the investors? But what about those clients who chose not to invest or those who invested in products which have not yet kicked-out?

  • Success is not all about us – consider the following potential measures of success.
  • Responsibility for mistakes – we don’t play the blame game
  • Self-control in addiction – we don’t believe in euphoric responses
  • Character in solitude – we form our beliefs in private
  • Faithfulness in commitment – we believe Our Word is Our Bond
  • Generosity in abundance – we believe in supporting others less fortunate
  • Graciousness in spirit – we don’t believe in a hard sell
  • Gratitude always – we are thankful for small mercies
  • Honesty in deprivation – we believe that honesty is morally rewarding
  • Hope during heartache – we optimistically stick to our beliefs
  • Humility in accomplishment – we immediately think of the losers
  • Inspiration in relationship – we believe our clients inspire us
  • Integrity in the details – we believe in saying it in plain English
  • Kindness to the weak – we believe in protecting the vulnerable
  • Contentment in circumstances – we’re thankful for our beliefs
  • Love our enemies – we don’t hold grudges (we don’t need judges!)
  • Optimism towards others – we believe in our client relationships
  • Perseverance in failure – we believe we’ve learned from the dark times
  • Purity in opportunity – we believe in seizing opportunities fairly
  • Respect for authority – we believe the customer is ALWAYS right
  • Courage during adversity – we stick with our beliefs

OK maybe on these measures MMPI is not that successful – but we try!

For the record the 6 bonds that matured in the last 3 months are:

  • Series 31 (4.7% CAR) 6 months; KO3 (9.1% CAR) 36 months;
  • Series 28B (7.6% CAR) 12 months; Series 32 (7.9% CAR) 6 months;
  • Series 29 (9.2% CAR) 12 months; Series 25A (6.3% CAR) 18 months

In purely monetary terms those returns seem like a perfectly good measure of success. Using Joshua Becker’s observations we’ve a bit to go yet. MMPI – very successful and looking for ways to be even more successful (with more humility and graciousness – Ed)



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