Regulatory Authorisation


MiFID Investment Firm

MMPI Limited

The investment business firm is authorised as Investment Firm under Regulation 11 (1) of the European Communities (Markets in Financial Instruments) Regulations 2007.

Trading Name: MMPI
Address:(Principal Business Address) 101 Morehampton Road Donnybrook Village Dublin 4
Reference No: C8152
Authorisation Date: 01 Nov 2007
Client Money Rules : No

Business Services : Investment Services

1.1 Receiving/transmitting orders

1.5. investment advice

Ancillary Services

2.4. F/X re investment services

2.5. research

2.7. investment services re certain instruments

Investment Business Services (IIA)

(f) deposit agent/broker

Financial Instruments:

Financial Instruments

1. Transferable securities

2. Money market instruments

3. Unit/Shares in UCITS

4. Units in a unit trust

5. Shares in an inv co.

6. Capital contributions to an ILP

7. Units in a CCF

9. Derivatives for the transfer of credit risk

10. Financial CFDs

11. Other derivatives

(8A) Securities, currencies, interest rates or yields etc.

(8B) Commodities that must be settled in cash etc.

(8C) Commodities that can be physically settled etc.

(8D) Commodities other than as described in subparagraph (8C) etc.

(8E) Climatic variables, freight rates, emission allowances etc.

Investment Instruments (IIA)

(b) non-transferable securities

(h) Sale, Repo & reverse repo agreement

(i) securities borrowing/lending agreements

(j) certs conferring property rights

(jj) rolling spot F/X

(kk) tracker bond

(l) hybrid instruments

(m) Insurance Policies

(n) PRSAs

Other Jurisdictions: Belgium; United Kingdom

CountryBasis of Establishment Freedom Of Service

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